Website Downtime - Hurricane Sandy


The Squarespace Blog reports that they have been hand-filling the emergency power supply fuel tank by hand overnight, and they now have enough fuel for 4 hours of supply.

Morning Glass Designs site is hosted by Squarespace in New York. The good folks at Squarespace have just announced that their data centre is now without power and has been taking in water for a while. 

At 8:30PM yesterday, we received reports that the lobby in the data center’s building was beginning to take on water. By 10:30PM, as is sadly the case in most of Lower Manhattan, Peer1’s basement had experienced serious flooding. At 5AM, we learned our data center’s fuel pumps and fuel tanks were completely flooded and unable to deliver any more fuel. At 8AM, they reported that the generators would be able to run for a maximum of four more hours.

Unfortunately, this means that Squarespace will be offline soon (our estimate being at 12PM today). Be assured that while this will impact our availability, there is no chance of data loss or any other permanent effects. We have simply run out of power, backup power, and cannot access our fuel in a flooded basement.

While we're obviously concerned about the site, and hope that everything will be back to normal as soon as possible, our thoughts are with those who are suffering to due to the hurricane.

In the meantime, news from Morning Glass Designs will still be available on Twitter.

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