Scottish Glass Symposium, Aberdeen

Nine years ago, I went to King’s College Chapel in Aberdeen for a wedding. I’d done 10 weeks of a glass class, completed two commissions and knew nothing about stained glass. This weekend I was back at the Chapel, having done a few more commissions, knowing only a little more… This weekend I was at Kings College for a meeting organised by the Scottish Stained Glass Symposium.

After a tour of the Chapel itself, which features contemporary glass by one of the world’s finest stained glass designers, Aberdeen’s own Douglas Strachan (image above and here), we were treated to talks and discussions on (amongst other things) conservation, art history, a stained glass tour of Aberdeen, (heated) debates on polycarbonate protective glazing and tales of exploding kilns. The concentration of knowledge and enthusiasm for stained glass made the day truly memorable and it was a great pleasure to meet so many knowledgeable, interesting people connected with my craft.

The Scottish Stained Glass Symposium seek to promote, conserve and study the art and tradition of stained glass in Scotland and of Scottish stained glass exported around the World.
— Scottish Glass Symposium
Gordon Watt