New and restored panels in a Victorian property, Braemar.

Today I installed these three panels in a Victorian property in Braemar. The windows consisted of two new traditional door panels to match existing transom panel with gilded lettering, which we restored and regilded. The installation went well, and the client seemed very pleased. The windows should see a lot of traffic this weekend, as the house is directly opposite the Braemar games ground...

A few more images of the panels are available here.

Traces of the original lettering remained on the original glass of the transom panel, so I was able to recreate the lettering using a digital tracing from a scan, scaled to fit the original glass. The original hand-lettered nature of the nameplate is evident in several places, in particular the leg of the "R" and the variable sized and missing median spurs on several of the letters.  The image below shows the original gilding, scanned. 


Below is a section of the illustrator file, created from the scan above (and flipped). This was printed out and used as the guide for the gilding paintwork.