Church Site Visits, Keith.

Yesterday I spent a morning visiting 3 churches around Morayshire. The visit was primarily to assess the windows in terms of work that needed doing immediately.

Since there is a possibility that two of the churches may close in the near future, I thought I'd take the chance to share as many images of the windows as possible.

St Rufus

St Rufus is a large church in Keith itself - built in 1816-19, the Victorian perpendicular style windows are an unusual "organic" diamond quarry style, alternating brights and pale tints.


Grange is an older church, built around 1795 on a hill mound above the River Isla. The windows are Victorian diamond lights in zinc came, with beautiful flashed red borders and small etched flashed blue corner sections.


Botriphnie (situated 6m SW of Keith, near Drummuir) is a beautiful church in a lovely setting. Arched windows, set in wooden frames, with a small cross picked out in silver stained small flemish in the upper sections.