Stained Glass Image of the Day: St Christopher, Warden, Cheltenham (Tom Denny, 1994)

St. Christopher's, built in 1961 as a dual purpose church and community centre, has a set of ten windows illustrating the Parables. This window depiucts the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders (also known as the Parable of the House on the Rock).

Thomas Denny was born in London and educated at King Alfred’s School, Hampstead, which he calls ‘mildly progressive’. Fortunately, that mild progressiveness meant that art was taken seriously and that his evident artistic gifts were nurtured. He chose to go to art college in Edinburgh partly because there was an emphasis there on the drawing and painting traditions, which was unusual in the 1970s. ‘In fact,’ he says with regret, ‘it’s extraordinary what a stranglehold conceptual art still has on art education.
"The House on the Rock" - Tom Denny (1994). Photo: Andrew Loutit ( ) 

"The House on the Rock" - Tom Denny (1994). Photo: Andrew Loutit (

Gordon Watt