Stained Glass Image of the Day: "The Controlling Purpose", St Clements, Mastrick (Louis Davis?)

St Clements Episcopal Church in Aberdeen was moved from the Footdee ("Fittie") area of the city around 50 years ago. A new building, it contains a large Clayton & Bell crucifixion scene and a couple of smaller panels salvaged from the old building. I visited the church a few years back to quote for the removal of the panels during re-roofing work. The main window had been very badly neglected, and when installed in the new building the tie bars hadn't been inserted into the new steel framework built to accommodate the window…

In a small room off the main hall I photographed this small Arts & Crafts style panel, very different to the rest of the windows. Unsure of the artist, I contacted Michael Donnelly, who suggested it may be by Louis Davis. The small inscription reads "The Controlling Purpose" and the window features a rather serious looking angel wielding dividers and holding what appears to be a map. 

"The Controlling Purpose", St Clements, Mastrick, Aberdeen. Photo: Gordon Watt