Stained Glass Image of the Day: East Window (Detail), Portlethen Kirk (Chilton & Kemp, 1940)

Several years ago Susie Hunt and I made a new Nativity window for the west porch at Portlethen Kirk. The east window of the church features a 3-light crucifixion scene by Margaret Chilton & Marjorie Kemp, who also made the window in Glenmuick Church featured yesterday. 

While visiting the church, I was able to photograph the window close up. One part of the window I found particularly interesting was a small detail of a fishing boat, flanked by wartime bombers (bottom left). It turns out that during WWII Chilton & Kemp had part of their Edinburgh studio taken over by the RAF, and I'd guess that these small details were influenced by the daily contact with military personnel. Portlethen itself would have been a fishing village, and another local touch in the window, sprays of gorse, also reflects the coastal setting. 

East Window (Detail), Portlethen Kirk (Chilton & Bell, 1940). Photo: Gordon Watt