Windows for an A-Listed property, Aberdeen

Last week we made a start on installing a set of windows in a Grade A Listed house, designed (and lived in) lived in by John Pirie.

Pirie's most famous buildings include Queens Cross Kirk in Aberdeen, Fraserburgh South Kirk and no. 50 Queens Road, Aberdeen (a house he designed for the famous Aberdeen-based, Arts & Crafts-inspired builder, John Morgan). He was also responsible for many domestic buildings in Aberdeen, including large sections of Argyll Place and Hamilton Place.

Pirie's buildings were often notable for their extensive ornamentation in the form of carved granite nuatural forms - shells, palms and daisy rondels. 

“... Hamilton Place is part of J B Pirie (1851-1892) and Arthur Clyne’s (1853-1924) finest terrace. It was built primarily for John Morgan (b. 1841), an Aberdeen builder who specialised in high quality granite cutting and carving. Morgan was a close friend of Pirie, and was involved in much of the work undertaken by the partnership. “

As the property is A-Listed (in part because it was the home of Pirie and his family), the new stained glass required planning permission. The original glass had been replaced in the 70's with a textured clear glass, so we were able to work from a brief from the client, to produce windows that would suit the property and neighbouring windows, but which were not faux-Victorian.

The initial installation of two sidelights has been done, and we have a large quarried transom with a gilded number to install shortly. The second phase of wortk involves a door light and "porthole" window (Pirie's father was a sea-captain) with painted daisy rondels, echioing the stone rondels on the outside of the property.

Gordon Watt