St Machar's Cathedral, Aberdeen

"The Bishop's Window" - Douglas Strachan, showing the founding Bishops of the Cathedral.

While I was visiting a client in Old Aberdeen, I took the opportunity to photograph the stained glass in St Machar's Cathedral. Fourteenth-century legends tells how God (or St Columba, depending on which legend you read) told Machar to establish a church where a river bends into the shape of a bishop's crosier, which the River Don does immediately to the north of the Cathedral.

The building contains glass by Strachan, Wilson, Chilton & Kemp, Clayton & Bell and Cottier. My favourite, the main E light (William Wilson, 1953) depicts:

the Nativity, the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and Christ in glory surrounded by the Scottish saints.

The cathedral is well worth a visit. Each window has an information plaque, detailing the artist and subject matter, and several leaflets (including Crear McCartney's "The Stained Glass of St Machar Cathedral") 

Gordon Watt